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New Construction Installation

Every Pure Seal job for new construction includes the following unless we have agreed on something different:

  • Seal around exterior windows and doors with contractor grade low-expansion spray foam
    Sealing with low expansion foam
  • Cover windows and doors with protective plastic to protect from overspray
  • Cover heating vents, if applicable, to keep trimmed foam from entering into duct system
  • Insulate to specified levels Spraying a pole barn
  • Trim excess foam to make walls ready for drywall Trimming excess foam
  • Bag waste foam to make it ready for disposal.  If disposal facilities are not available on the job site, we can provide them as part of our proposal
  • Clean up
  • Caulk and seal between framing members where necessary to control air infiltration We caulk between framing members

In other words, a Pure Seal job is the complete package

Energy Efficient Earth Friendly Economical

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